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Hat Trix grieves for the opportunities we have had to miss in meeting our customers during this lockdown period. If you are dropping into our virtual shop during this autumn 2020, you are most welcome. It continues to be a really tough time for us all, living and working at home for our health’s sake.  It may be that your family or friends have been planning weddings for the last year and those events have had to be postponed. That is disappointing for everyone involved and perhaps has been painful on your purse too! At Hat Trix we are truly sorry and empathise with your disappointment and unhappiness. As we write it is the end of September …. some weddings have gone ahead with a very small number of guests.

As the year has proceeded, Hat Trix has been marketing on line. The wedding faires we would usually attend have been cancelled. If you purchased an outfit for an event that has not taken place, you may like to consider allowing Hat Trix to market it on your behalf! If so, do look at our page on marketing your hat for you.

It also makes great sense in these circumstances, to consider hiring a hat or fascinator. Hat Trix offers all of our stock for hire. Do contact us for details.

Hat Trix will market for you including on this website full details and photographs of your hat, advertising it at wedding faires and on our social media posts, for a modest commission fee.

Hat Trix sells hats for special occasions. If you are searching for a special occasion hat – at short notice too, you are in the right place. Welcome! Whether for a wedding, a garden party, a Ladies’ Races Day or perhaps a civic ceremony – then you have found the exact shop for you and the door is open. 

Many of our hats and fascinators remain at attractive prices and some are postage free. Take a look quickly. As you know, the majority of our stock is a one-off so when it’s gone, it’s gone. We look forward to helping you soon.

From Hat Trix you can find the perfect hat for a wedding or special occasion at a reasonable price. This is because Hat Trix sources beautiful, new-to-you hats.

Hat Trix is an eco-friendly, green business, up-cycling preloved hats of high quality! This approach makes good sense.

You will know women who have purchased a lovely hat, spent well above their envisaged budget only to find themselves wearing the hat for a few hours. 

After the event their wonderful hat or fascinator goes straight into a box rarely, if ever, seeing the light of day again. What a pity that is! Such pretty and charming creations should be worn again and enjoyed.

Hat Trix services include:

  • A selection of quality new-to-you women’s special occasion hats;
  • A commission-based marketing service through which you can sell on your exquisite hat;
  • A consultancy on hat style, colour and shape to match an existing outfit you may have, followed by sourcing a few hats from which you can choose;
  • New for this year, as an additional service, hats can be hired from us on request, and a number of hats and fascinators are being brought into our stock solely for hiring purposes;
  • Opportunity for you to meet the team at various fayres held across the UK West Midlands.

You may be brand loyal. Some brands are dependable on quality, maintaining colour, sizing and so on. Hat Trix endeavours to choose hats with brand labels. At Hat Trix we try to source the best selection of pristine, interesting and up-to-the-minute headpieces. We strive to give satisfaction to each and every customer.

So, whatever the special occasion may be, you can spend within your budget and look lovely for less!


A selection of quality new-to-you women’s special occasion hats   

Our hats are chosen with the utmost care. Hat Trix wants each customer to feel fabulous in the hat of their choice. We have a selection of charming, pretty and classic hats available here, a number of which may take your fancy.

However, if you are short of time, have a particular colour shade and price range in mind, Hat Trix can search for that special occasion hat to match your requirements.

Hats for special occasions is our business and we do enjoy searching to meet our hat-loving customers’ needs.

A commission-based marketing service through which you can sell on your exquisite hat, now no-longer required

You may have a hat, chosen especially for a special event (such as a wedding), enjoyed wearing it but now you no longer need or want it. Perhaps it is exquisite and you would like to sell it on?

Hat Trix will market the item for you; once sold, you receive the agreed price and Hat Trix receives a fee for the work undertaken on your behalf.

Should this be of interest please contact us through our customer enquiries page. The Hat Trix team will get in touch shortly.

A consultancy on hat style, colour and shape to match an existing outfit you may have, followed by sourcing a few hats from which you can choose

Wherever you live in the UK, our small team at Hat Trix, is happy to advise, by telephone, email (shop@hattrixhats.uk) and skype. Already customers have discussed their requirements, taken a chance and tried hats of a different shape or colour from their usual choice. And with happy results. They have stepped out with new confidence and felt ‘a million-dollars’!

One customer’s wrote:

“What a great service you provide. I will recommend [Hat Trix] to friends and family; we always struggle with our headwear for weddings, etc!!”

Hats and headpieces for hire

This is our new service for this year. Any of our hats can be hired on request by telephone. A standard daily fee will apply plus a deposit based on the value of the item being hired. Of particular interest might be those items that have matching clutch bags which, like many headpieces, are used only once. Why not hire a duo instead.

A customer recently approached us for help and advice. Her plea was heart-felt!

“Hi Katherine, I need your assistance! We’re going to a wedding (soon). I’ve finally sorted my outfit (it’s been a nightmare) …. Can you help?”

After a few communication exchanges and photos shared, we were able to find an item to rent that finished off her ensemble to perfection. She received many compliments and afterwards wrote to us,

“Thanks. Very pleased with your service. I appreciated the style and colour suggestions.”








Opportunity for you to meet the team at various fayres held across the UK West Midlands

Hat Trix operates from a home base in the West Midlands. We regularly attend Wedding Fayres, markets and fetes across the region. Sadly we cannot meet customers this way just now.

It is our pleasure to attend local community events to show off the Hat Trix stock and to learn what you, our customer, needs by way of special occasion hats.  Our Hat Trix team looks forward to meeting you in due course.  

Hat Trix has a number of items on offer. Take a look at our shop window stock, some of which benefit from free postage.

Hat Trix produces a regular pdf newsletter. You can download a previous issue by clicking here.

But for now, open the shop door, step inside and browse our selection of hats and fascinators. We are confident you will like the variety of styles, colours, fabrics and quality labels.

Once again welcome to Hat Trix – Look lovely for less!

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