A classic winter special occasion hat in cream

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This special occasion hat in cream organza is classic in design and believed to be originally from C&A. Yes indeed, C&A! Are you, like us, old enough to remember that well known chain of UK department stores. Neither Rose or Katherine know what the ‘C&A’ stands for but we have acquired this lovely modest hat.

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This is a winter special occasion hat in cream organza with a firm hat crown. It sits neatly on the wearer’s head, is of medium size and a crisp simple design. The organza is tightly folded, pulled around the hat’s crown and caught on one side in a twist. It is a simple yet effective decoration. 

The hat carries no labels so we can only guess that it is made of man-made fabric both in its superstructure and externally.

At a wedding fayre, it was modeled for us and we have included here a photograph showing how the hat sits on the wearer and its size. If you like a classical design in hats, one that will last the years, then this one may be of interest.


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