A unique bespoke fascinator


This splendid fascinator has been handmade for a chic individual!

Would you not just love to wear this to a special occasion and or race day!?

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A splendid fascinator has been handmade for a chic individual! This is not for a shy wall-flower! It is one amazing hatinator for someone who really wants to stand out!

Its disc is teal, it sits at an acute angle giving the wearer elegance and height. Decorated in purple, teal, black and white feathers above and below the disc, it allows the wearer to coordinate the hatinator with an outfit of various colours. The feathers are held close next to the disc and also carries a burst of smaller feather that flutter as the wearer turns her head. What choice there is here, to be sure!

The hatinator has a fine metal headband, easily covered by your hair.

It would do well at a races ladies’ day or at a garden party. We can imagine you wearing this with tremendous pleasure, coordinated beautifully with a classic outfit or a feminine summer dress – essentially holding a glass of champagne. 

We have added to the gallery a collage showing this item alongside two other very similar large hatinators. This will give you an idea of the choice available to you through Hat Trix.

Additional information


Plum, Purple, Teal Blue


feather, man-made trim, Sinamay


One size, Universal

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