A special occasion hat in purple


What a classic hat! This purple special occasion hat has a slightly asymmetric crown and medium brim, with twirls and quill for decoration. You can see by the photographs, that is has a flat angled top and is worn at a slightly jaunty angle. It is made mainly of a viscose fabric.

Hat Trix suggests that this may suit a more mature woman, mother-of-the-bride, grandmother-of-the-bride or even another guest. It sits well on one’s head and feels extremely secure.

Our price includes carriage.


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This is a classical design hat, in deep purple with floral twirls and one quill decoration, it has a medium sized slightly asymmetric brim. Fashioned nicely in viscose fabric. 

This has does not carry a brand label. However, it is crafted very well indeed and is in excellent condition.

Our price includes carriage.

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