Sell Your Hat with Hat Trix

Are you one of the women to whom we have spoken … who has at least one beautiful hat carefully boxed – and which never again sees the light of day?

You may not want to wear a hat again but for someone else your no-longer needed hat will be welcomed and enjoyed once again. Many women (and indeed their partners) tell us about their lovely hats and fascinators that sit redundant in boxes. The good news is that Hat Trix can market your hats for you.

Hat Trix can market your no-longer used hats for you. Hat Trix invite you to indicate how much you would ideally like to receive when the hat is sold. Hat Trix will add a mark-up to cover our costs. Please see our terms and conditions for marketing your hat. And do get in touch for a no-obligation chat.


While you are mulling this idea over, you may like to put a few words together that describe your hat – its shape, colour, features, make and label, fabric. You may well have an idea of how much you would like to receive once the hat is sold; that too will be useful information for Hat Trix to consider.






We are more than willing to discuss the sort of money you would like to receive and we can negotiate. Hat Trix has a UK wide market place from which you can benefit.






It will help the advertising of your hat if you have a few high resolution photographs available to include with your narrative.

Make contact with us using the enquiry form below. The details you provide start the enquiry process.

A member of the Hat Trix team will soon be in touch to discuss the finer details of your hat and its sale!