Terms and Conditions for Marketing of Hats

Terms and Conditions for marketing the hats of private individuals

  1. The vendor will retain the hat during marketing on the Hat Trix website. The hat remains the vendor’s property until it is purchased.
  2. Hat Trix prefers to have sole selling rights whilst the agreement is in place. However, fees will apply should the vendor choose to market elsewhere and then sell the hat independently whilst benefiting from Hat Trix market exposure.
  3. An administration fee will be charged to the vendor (maximum £10) and a deposit required, returnable when the hat is sold.
  4. The vendor can withdraw the hat from the Hat Trix catalogue giving one week’s notice either via telephone or by e-mail.
  5. Photographs:
    • The vendor will provide Hat Trix with at least three good quality electronic photographs (Jpeg / PNG) of the hat against a plain background.
    • If the hat has a manufacturer’s label (eg, Jacques Vert / Hat Box), the vendor will provide a clear photograph of the label.
    • If possible a photograph of the hat being worn will help secure a sale. Individual features will be blurred to prevent identity.
  6. The Hat Trix selling price will be agreed by negotiation with the vendor.
  7. Hat Trix will give the hat a catalogue number, place the hat details and photographs on its on-line shop front showcasing the hat.
  8. Details of vendors & buyers will remain confidential to Hat Trix, and will be shared with no others parties, with the exception of the carrier.
  9. Once a hat is purchased and the Hat Trix account registers the receipt: 
    • The agreed price will be passed to the vendor on completion of a purchase.
    • Money will be transferred electronically as a preference within 14 days.
  10. Transportation of a sold hat:
    • Hat Trix will arrange collection of the hat via a reputable carrier. P&P costs to be paid by the buyer.
    • The vendor will take responsibility for safe packing of the hat in a sturdy box so that it is secure in transit and undamaged when received.
    • Hat Trix will not be responsible for the condition of a hat when received by us. We would suggest taking a photograph of the parcel prior to collection as evidence of appropriate packaging. 
    • A returns policy is provided to the purchasing customer.

When the agreement is made between a vendor and Hat Trix in respect of marketing hat(s), a copy of the terms and conditions will be sent by e-mail. These will ask for an electronic receipt. At that point the agreement will be assumed binding. Photographs will then be uploaded to Hat Trix website.

V1:0817 NB: Hat Trix reserves the right to change Terms & Conditions at any time.